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Troubleshooting Errors & Problems With EmeryCounty.com


Why does nothing happen when I hover over content on the web portal?

Typically this error occurs because the computer you are using does not have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on it, or the version is not current.  Attempt to correct this problem by downloading Java Runtime Environment.  Click here to view the Java Download Page.  Locate the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) application.  It is typically located in the middle of the Download Page.  Download and install the application on your computer.


Why can't I view some maps, forms, and other documents?

Most often this occurs because Adobe Acrobat Reader is not installed on the computer attempting to access the file or the installed version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is non-current.  Verify that the file is PDF.  To do this check for a PDF Icon ( ) or the words Adobe or PDF appearing in or near the link.  This problem can easily be fixed by installing or upgrading Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Click the graphic below to download and install the current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Get Adobe Reader


Why am I unable to view scanned images of marriage licenses?

A Tiff picture viewer is required to view these documents.  Most likely this problem has occurred because the computer you are using does not have a viewer installed.  If you use Internet Explorer as a web browser, click here to download and install AlternaTiff, an image viewing software.  If you are using some other program as a web browser such as Netscape, click here to download and install AlternaTiff.

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