Welcome to Emery County

Emery County is located in southeastern Utah. It encompasses 4,452 square miles of richly diversified landscapes: spectacular red rock canyons, high alpine mountain meadows, pristine desert wilderness, delightful trout streams and lakes, challenging white water rivers, and rugged badlands.

Emery County also contains a wealth of prehistoric civilization treasures with a world-renowned dinosaur quarry, unique Native American rock art and artifacts, pioneer cabins, wild West outlaw hideouts, and part of the Old Spanish Trail.

Emery County’s economy was built and remains founded today on agriculture, livestock production, coal mining, and coal-fired electric power generation.

Emery County’s future belongs to those individuals that desire a rural, natural setting in which to live and raise a family, but who are also resourceful and innovative enough to produce goods and services for the worldwide marketplace. Welcome to Emery County!


Human habitation of the Emery County area dates back thousands of years and includes the people of the Desert Archaic Culture. This prehistoric culture was followed by the people of the Fremont Culture, who inhabited present-day Emery County from about A.D. 500 to about A.D. 1300. Evidence of both these cultures can still be found in artifacts and the numerous pictograph and petroglyph panels that are found at Temple Mountain Wash, Muddy Creek, Ferron Box, Black Dragon Canyon, Buckhorn Wash and in hidden canyons throughout the county. In historic times, Ute Indians occupied sites in what is now Castle Valley, and travelers on the Old Spanish trail marveled at the “castles” of Castle country as they passed through present day Emery County to and from California.

It wasn’t until 1875 that ranchers from Sanpete County recognized the settlement potential of the region. In the fall of 1877, young Latter-day Saint families were directed by Brigham Young to move into Castle Valley and take up homesteads in what would become the settlements of Huntington, Ferron, Castle Dale, and Orangeville.

Although livestock and farming remained the mainstay of the county’s economy throughout most of its history, two related events affected the region’s economic stability: the completion of the Denver and Rio Grande (D&RG) Railroad through Emery County in 1883, and the establishment of coal mines at Scofield, Castle Gate, and Sunnyside in Carbon County by the mid 1890s. The railroad provided transportation to other parts of the state and nation for locally grown produce and livestock, and the miners provided a booming local market for animals and vegetables. The mines also provided an opportunity for these early residents of Emery County to diversify their economy by working in the mines during the winter months and farming in their own fields during the summer. The D&RG also led to the establishment of the town of Green River in Emery County’s beautiful San Rafael Swell country. The history of this region can be followed in the John Wesley Powell Museum located in historic Green River.

Riding the crest of national economic growth during the 1970s Emery County’s population grew significantly as a result of the construction of large coal-fired power plants in Castle Dale and Huntington by Utah Power & Light Company (PacifiCorp) and the expansion of coal mines to fuel these important power plants.

Today’s Emery County offers an affordable, comfortable place to live and retire, a cornucopia of adventures to the vacationer, and unlimited opportunity to entrepreneurs astute enough to grasp its full potential.


Emery County’s Climate
One of the beauties of Emery County is its diverse climate. From warm, sunny days in the summer months to snowstorms in winter, a full range of temperatures and weather can be experienced. The summer sun, which brings roughly 150 clear days a year, gradually melts the snow pack brought during winter – which stays primarily in the mountains – but not before adventurers experience “the best snow on earth.” Both spring and fall consist of cooler days, light rain showers, and gusty breezes. Above all, the weather of Emery County is continually changing and citizens constantly learn to be prepared for the unexpected.

Four Seasons in Emery County
Spring (March – May) 
Average Maximum Temperature (F)63
Average Precipitation per month (in.) – Valleys0.56
Average Precipitation per month (in.) – Mountains2.34
Summer (June – August) 
Average Maximum Temperature (F)86
Average Precipitation per month (in.) – Valleys0.76
Average Precipitation per month (in.) – Mountains1.35
Fall (September – November) 
Average Maximum Temperature (F)64
Average Precipitation per month (in.) – Valleys0.73
Average Precipitation per month (in.) – Mountains2.14
Winter (December – February) 
Average Maximum Temperature (F)39
Average Snowfall per month (in.)6.6
Frost Data 
Average Last Spring FreezeMay 22
Average First Fall FreezeSept 26
Average Length of Growing Season128 days


Total County Population10,860
Huntington City2,131
Unincorporated Areas1,846
Castle Dale City1,657
Ferron City1,623
Orangeville City1,398
Green River City868
Cleveland Town508
Elmo Town368
Emery Town308
Clawson Town153


Under Age 1835.4%
Over Age 6510.1%
Median Age30.1
Persons Per Household3.1
Persons Per Family3.5
Female-Headed Families7.2%
High School Graduates84.2%
College Graduates11.6%
American Indian0.7%
Pacific Islanders0.1%

Obtain daily weather information at www.ewcd.org


Castle Dale City – County Seat
61 East 100 North Castle Dale, UT     84513
Mayor Neal Peacock

Clawson Town
200 South Main Street Clawson, UT     84516
Mayor Carey Bloomer

Cleveland Town
100 West Main ST Cleveland, UT     84518
Mayor Chris Parkins

Elmo Town
15 South 100 East Elmo, UT     84521
Mayor Kirt Rasmussen

Emery Town
15 South Center Street Emery, UT     84522
Mayor Mistie Christiansen

Ferron City
20 East Main ST Ferron, UT     84523
Mayor Gil Conover

Green River City
240 East Main Street Green River, UT     84525
Email: grcity@etv.net

Huntington City
20 South Main Street Huntington, UT     84528
Mayor Hilary Gordon

Orangeville City
5 North Main Street Orangeville, UT     84537
Mayor Bart Cox


Emery County School District Office 435-687-9846 | Web Page

Elementary Schools

Huntington Elementary School 435-687-9954 | Webpage

Castle Dale Elementary School 435-381-5221 | Webpage

Ferron Elementary School 435-384-2383 | Webpage

Cottonwood Elementary School (Orangeville) 435-748-2481 | Webpage

Book Cliff Elementary School (Green River) 435-564-3461 | Webpage

Cleveland Elementary School 435-653-2235 | Webpage

Junior High Schools

San Rafael Jr. High School (Ferron) 435-384-2335 | Web Page

Canyon View Jr. High School (Huntington) 435-687-2265 | Web Page

High Schools

Emery High School (Castle Dale) 435-381-2689 | Web Page

Green River High School 435-564-3461 | Web Page

Higher Education

Utah State University – Emery County Extension 435-381-5183 | Website

Utah State University Eastern(Price) 435-637-2120 | Utah State University Eastern

Community Facilities

Swimming Pool
Castle Dale 435-381-5298 | 61 East 100 North
Recreation Buildings

Castle Dale 435-381-2108 | 75 South 400 East  
Huntington 435-687-9042 | 625 North 200 West  
Castle Dale 435-381-2554 | 115 North 100 East  
Cleveland 435-653-2204 | 45 West Main Street  
Elmo 435-653-2558 | 100 East Main Street  
Emery 435-286-2474 | 100 North Center Street  
Ferron 435-384-2637 | 55 North 200 West  
Green River 435-564-3349 | 85 South Long Street  
Huntington 435-687-9590 | 92 South Main Street  
Orangeville 435-748-2726 | 125 South Main Street  
Senior Citizen Centers
Castle Dale 435-381-2422 | 85 North 200 East  
Emery 435-286-2219 | 217 South 200 East  
Ferron 435-384-2243 | 190 North 300 West  
Huntington 435-687-2502 | 176 West 100 North  
Green River 435-564-8236 | 123 South Long Street 
Community Centers

Green River 435-564-8221 | 165 South Broadway  

Rodeo Grounds

Castle Dale Rodeo Arena
Ferron Race Track
Huntington Rodeo Arena


Emery Medical Center
435.381.2305 | 90 West Main Street, Castle Dale

Emery Physical Therapy
435.381.5038 | 90 West Main Street, Castle Dale

Emery County Care and Rehabilitation Center
435.384.2301 | 455 West Mill Road, Ferron

Southeastern Utah Health District
435.381.2252 | 25 West Main Street, Castle Dale

Green River Medical Center
435.564.3434 | 305 West Main Street, Green River

Castle Chiropractic Center
435.381.5432 | 46 East Main Street, Castle Dale

Castleview Hospital
 435.637.4800 | 300 North Hospital Drive, Price

Eastern Utah Surgical Center
435.637.1744 | 200 North Fairgrounds Road, Price

Todd R. Huntington 435.381.2001 | 410 East Main Street, Castle Dale

Shawn K. Leonard 435.381.2447 | 15 East 600 North, Castle Dale

Kent B. McKell 435.381.2166 | 375 North Center Street, Castle Dale

Goodwin & Miller 435.564.3434 | 305 West Main Street, Green River

Steven O. Tuttle 435.381.2040 | 190 East Main Street, Castle Dale

Culture & Arts

Museum of the San Rafael 435.381.5252
Pioneer Museum 435.381.5154
John Wesley Powell River History Museum 435.564.3427
College of Eastern Utah Museum 800.815.9949
Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry 435.636.3600

Indian Rock Art
Hundreds of images have been discovered in Nine Mile Canyon and throughout the San Rafael Swell

Emery County Community Theater

Several full-script plays are performed yearly

Conn Anderson: 435.381.5505

Emery County Fair
The best small county fair in Utah that provides wholesome entertainment to residents and others through art and craft displays, local talent, and shared company


Emery County Arts Council

This organization provides support and encouragement to local artists
Karen Truman: 435.384.2896

Jennifer Fauver: 435.748.5559

Piano Teachers’ Association
Union of 6-8 piano teachers that provides teacher support and sponsors honor recitals and piano festivals

Elise Tuttle: 435.748.5781

San Rafael Folk Art Festival
Takes place during Emery County Fair time. Atlatl throwing, Scottish festival, cowboy poetry, mountain men, and many more demonstrations. Held at the Museum of the San Rafael.


Horseback and Mule Riding

– Mountain and desert trails are found throughout Emery County

– Cliffs exist all over in the San Rafael Swell
Rock Climbing
– Over 500 climbs characterize the San Rafael Swell


– Hundreds of hikes are available in the San Rafael Swell

– Class V – Rapids in Black Box

– Class V – Price River

– Class IV – San Rafael River, Green River;

– Class III – Muddy Creek, Uintah River

– Class II – Nine Mile River, White River

– Recreational kayaking on all lakes

– Joe’s Valley is world renowned for any season sandstone bouldering
– Triassic has winter, late fall, and early spring sandstone bouldering
– Huntington Canyon provides spring, fall, and summer sandstone bouldering

Possible jumps are all over in the desert areas

ATV Riding

– Riders from many parts of the nation ride 14 different routes in the annual Jamboree.

– The Arapeen Trail has over 280 trail miles and the San Rafael Trail is made of about 800 trail miles

Mountain Biking
– San Rafael Swell Mountain Bike Festival in Green River is in May.

– September and October bring the San Rafael Fall Festival at the Wedge Overlook

– Friendship Cruise: A 180 mile boat trip from Green River to Moab (takes place on Memorial Day weekend)

– Rock Crawling is possible in the San Rafael Swell and at the base of Cedar Mountain


Additional Info: Emery County Recreation Website


Green River State Park
Goblin Valley State Park
Huntington State Park
Millsite State Park


Capitol Reef National Park

Manti-La Sal National Forest


Price River (Lower Fish Creek)
Green River
Huntington Creek
Huntington Creek Left Fork
Huntington Creek Right Fork

Big game, Black Bear, Cougar, Falconry, Furbearer, Upland game, Waterfowl


Forest Campground Information: 637-2817
Bureau of Land Management Information: 646-3600
State Parks
   Green River: 564-3633
   Huntington: 687-2491
   Millsite: 384-2552

Offered at both Green River and Huntington Airports

Joe’s Valley Reservoir
Huntington Reservoir
Millsite Reservoir
Electric Lake
Green River

Millsite Golf Course
Green River Golf Course

Castle Dale Pool

Hundreds of miles of trails up Manti-La Sal National Forest and Joe’s Valley

Visit “The Run” in Huntington Canyon

Desertview Pro Rodeo
CRC Heritage Days Rodeo

Available in the Communities
Tennis at Emery High School
Baseball and softball fields
Racquetball at Food Ranch in Orangeville