Plat Maps

Methods For Obtaining a Plat Map

If you know the Parcel ID Number, search by directory to open a Plat Map in PDF format.

If you know your section, township, and range; or incorporated city or town; or approximate location where the parcel is located, search by location using an interactive county map.

The map allows you to click and zoom on areas until you link to a PDF file of the Plat Map for that area. 

  • Request a Map be Sent

Contact the Recorder’s Office to obtain a plat map.  Please be prepared with the property owner’s name.

Available methods of Plat Map transfer:

MailCopy fee + postage & handling
Fax$1.00 (1st page) + 50¢(each additional page)
E-Mail$1.00 (1st page) + 50¢(each additional page)