Prepayment Coupons

Prepaying Real Property Taxes

What Are Prepayment Coupons?
Prepayment coupons are provided to anyone wishing to make advance payments towards real property taxes.  Coupons may be requested by marking and returning the stub attached at the bottom portion of the Tax Notice to the Treasurer’s Office or by simply contacting the Treasurer’s Office to request them.  A coupon accompanies each advance payment to assure the payment is properly applied (however see “Prepayment Coupons Are Optional” below).  Prepayments are not a requirement; there are no penalties for missed or late scheduled prepayments; prepayments may be made in the amount indicated on the coupon or any other amount.

How Prepayment Coupons Work
Coupons are mailed near the last week of January to those who have requested them by that date.  After that time, coupons are printed on a per-request basis.  The monthly estimated payment amount is calculated based on the prior year’s tax amount.  Coupons are provided for monthly payments thru October.  The Tax Notice mailed in November will indicate total prepayments made and any balance remaining.

Prepayment Coupons Are Optional

Coupons are not required to make prepayments throughout the year; however, to assure payments are properly applied, a Property Parcel Number should be included with any prepayment not accompanied by a coupon.

Over/Under Prepayments
In the event total prepayments as estimated for the year exceed the actual taxes, the balance will be applied to the subsequent year taxes (or refunded, if requested); any under payment will be shown on the Tax Notice mailed in November as “Total Tax Due”.
Prepayments may also be made automatically. Visit Online Tax Payments, Auto Prepay on our website for more information.