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Public Lands Agencies and Stakeholders,

October 22, 2020 - Due to current COVID-19 Restrictions and Health Directives, the Emery County Administrative Building (Old Courthouse), has been asked to help limit public visitation within the building. If you need to do business, call the respective department and ask for assistance. If your business is essential, you will be able to come and do what you need to do.

In regards to Public Land issues and business, the same protocol applies. Please call Jim Jennings and schedule a time to meet or leave a message at 435-381-3556. You may also send an email to jimj@emery.utah.gov.

Let's do our part to stay healthy and to protect others. Enjoy the great outdoors and the beautiful sights on our Public Lands.

Office: 435 381 3556
Mobile: 435 820 2063
EMERY COUNTY GENERAL PLAN: To ensure greater County involvement in public land management, the County will support [public land planning and management] efforts through the Emery County Public Lands Council and the staff position of a Public Lands Administrator.

Jim Jennings
Public Lands Administrator
(435) 381-3556

Ray Peterson
Public Lands Consultant
(435) 381-3556


Approximately ninety-two percent of Emery County is comprised of public land managed by federal or state agencies. County industries such as agriculture, mining, tourism, gas and oil development and recreation depend on the continued use and availability of these lands and their accompanying resources for economic growth and stability…….[federal and state] laws also specifically identify opportunities for local governments to participate in public land management decision-making processes. The County expects that federal and state agencies will consider and address the County’s concerns, interests, and objectives as stated in the County’s General Plan when fulfilling their responsibilities.

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Bighorn Sheep
In response to these interests and concerns, the County will:
  • Actively participate in all relevant State and Federal public land management decisions by serving as a cooperating agency in land use planning processes;
  • Support multiple-use management by the BLM and USFS in their properly adopted management plans;
  • Support continued access to natural resources including but not limited to coal, natural gas, uranium and gypsum;
  • Support continued access and development of lands managed by the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) and other state lands;
  • Support responsible use of public land resources; and
  • Work to preserve and maintain public land access routes as adopted in the county travel plan.


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