Conditional Use Permits


THE FOLLOWING CHECKLIST IS FOR THE APPLICANT’S USE.  The documents listed will need to be submitted with your application.  Please take the time to check off each item to ensure that your application is complete – Download a Printable PDF Checklist  If you have had to prepare documents for State or Federal agencies that contain the same information that is listed here, you may provide copies of those documents to satisfy these requirements. 

Conditional Use Permit Application Form – download form

  • Signed with all applicable sections filled out. If not applicable fill in with NA.

Proof of Ownership or Other Legal Right to Develop Property

  • A copy of a permit, letter or other document from the landowner verifying that you have the right to develop the property.  Provide a copy of the plat from the Emery County Recorder’s Office.
Vicinity Map Showing Road Access  
  • A copy of a USGS topographic map with the site and the roads being used clearly indicated is preferred.  If you are building a new road please draw it in.  If you do not have access to this type of map contact us, we may be able to help you locate one.

Site Plan

  • A drawing of the site to be developed.  The drawing should be to scale and show total acreage to be disturbed, placement of buildings and equipment, easements, common drives, roads, fences, power lines,  water courses, trails, open space, and other important features.
Plan of Operations & Written Description of Proposed Use – download form
Must address the following issues:
  • Description of proposed use – Describe the activity that will take place at the site.  Include information on the size of the disturbance area, buildings, sanitation facilities, and the equipment, that will be used.  Frequency of visits to the site by yourself and\or your employees, your customers, and hours of operation.
  • Utilities – Water, Sewer, Power, etc.  Who will provide these services for you and have you contacted them to determine if services are available.
  • Describe any safety concerns and how you will address them.  Estimate how much product you expect to produce from the site, whether there will be waste material and, if so, what you will do with it. Describe any safety concerns and how you will address them.
  • Visual Impact – Indicate whether the operation will be visible from a residence, community, county road, major highway, visitor attraction or heritage site.
  • Transportation – Indicate the roads you intend to use, the type and size of vehicles that will use them and the frequency of use.  If you will need to construct a new road please include details of where the road will be and the method and materials you will use to build it.
  • Environmental Impact – Identify potential environmental impacts and mitigation or protective measures to be implemented.
  • Reclamation – Describe how the site will be reclaimed.   
  • Bonding – If a bond is required by another agency for reclamation or for any other purpose, provide information about which agency requires the bond and what type of bond it is.
  • Market – Describe the market for your product; who and where your customers will be, how you will ship the product, etc.
  • Future Plans – Describe how your operation might grow in the future.  If you have projected development phases, please list them with projected scopes, type of development and projected time tables.
  • Any other details that will aid the zoning administrator or other granting authority in reviewing the application.
Contact Emery County Road Department