In the 2002 Census there were 459 farms in Emery County and the 1997 census showed 155,235 acres of farmland with an average of 318 acres per farm. Farmland served by irrigation consists of 33,099 acres and 94.2% of all harvested cropland. The Emery County Project, directed by the Bureau of Reclamation of the U.S. Department of the Interior, provides irrigation for 15,820 acres of that land. A new emphasis on using sprinkler systems is being implemented and currently serves about 20-25% of the county. In 2002, there were 281 farms with cattle, 45 with sheep, 7 with milk goats, 294 with horses, 40 with some type of poultry, and 17 with hogs. Summed agricultural sales valued $11,452,000 with an average of $24,950 per farm.

Specialty Projects
Living Utah’s Value-added Natural Beef
Clyde Magnuson’s Power Genetics
Pure-bred Race & Breed Horses
Powerplant’s Hydroponic Tomatoes and Cucumbers
Green River’s Melons
Gordon’s Nursery & Floral
Seeley Fruit Farms
Cleveland’s Sod Farm

Reservoirs, Rivers, Canals and Springs
Joe’s Valley Reservoir: 53,386 acre-feet capacity
Millsite Reservoir: 15,906 acre-feet capacity
Miller’s Flat Reservoir: 4,107 acre-feet capacity
Huntington North: 3,744 acre-feet capacity
Cleveland Reservoir: 3,655 acre-feet capacity
San Rafael River, Muddy River, Green River
Cottonwood Canal, Huntington Canal, Ferron Canal, Hunter Canal, Huntington Drainage

Gentry Springs 1 & 2, Dell’s Spring, East Spring, North Star Spring, Chicken Creek Spring, Burnt Tree Spring, Orange Olsen Spring, South Trail Spring, Birch Spring, SP 6 Spring, Elk Spring, Dairy Spring, SP 10 Spring, Wrigley Spring, SP 39 Spring, CT-1 Spring, Flag Spring

Top Crops
Emery County yielded between 100 and 125 bushels of corn per acre harvested and 80 to 90 bushels of oats per acre harvested.
Emery County soil also produces hay which brings 18,323 crop-acres and barley at 158 barley-acres.

Irrigation Companies
Cottonwood Creek Consolidated Irrigation Company
61 East 100 North, P.O. Box 856
Castle Dale 84513
435-381-2073 –Craig Johansen

Huntington-Cleveland Irrigation Company
71 North Main Street, P.O. Box 327
Huntington 84528
435-687-2505 –Dennis Ward

Ferron Canal and Reservoir Company
1695 West Mill Road, P.O. Box 256
Ferron 84523
435-384-2990 –Tracy Behling

Lawrence South Irrigation Company
1713 South Center Street, Lawrence
P.O. Box 651, Huntington 84528
435-687-2813 –Earl Fillmore

Green River Canal Company
P.O. Box 404, Green River 84525
435-564-8115 –Tim Vetere

Muddy Creek Canal Company
386 South 100 East, P.O. Box 104
Emery 84522
435-286-2237 –Morris Sorensen

East Side Irrigation Company
P.O. Box 480, Green River 84525
435-564-3291 –Blaine Silliman

Emery County Water Conservancy District
50 South 100 East, P.O. Box 998
Castle Dale 84513

USDA Farm Service Agency
USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service

88 South 100 East, P.O. Box 758
Castle Dale 84513