Mining & Natural Resource Development

Mineral Resources
Mineral production in Utah totaled $1.77 billion in 2002, and $420 million of that was coal. Base metals account for $612 million and industrial minerals and precious metals for $565 million and $172 million, respectively.

Natural Resources
Emery County produced 6% of Utah’s natural gas in 2003. Ferron’s Coalbed Methane Fairway has 3 fields and 452 wells and has produced 0.2 tcf (trillion cubic feet) of gas. Ferron Sandstone is studied nationwide because of the abundance of coalbed methane found in it. In addition, Emery County has cummulatively produced 681,250 bbl (barrels) of oil, 113,239,729 mcf (million cubic feet) of gas, and 37,427,896 bbl (barrels) of water. Recently, in the Temple Mountain District of Emery County, a new mineral named Orthominasragrite [V4+O(SO4)(H2O)5] was discovered.

Western States Mineral Corporation
J.B. King Mine
E.M. Gerry, Vice President of Operations
775-856-3339 ext 13: Buzz Gerrick |

Mountain Coal Company
Huntington #4 Mine
Chris Hansen, Environmental Manager
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Mine: 435-448-2669

Consolidation Coal Company
Emery Deep Mine
Hidden Valley Mine
John A. Gefferth, Environmental Engineer
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Mine: 435-286-2301

Genwal Resources
Crandall Canyon Mine
Gary Gray, Resident Agent
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Mine: 435-888-5420

Trail Mountain Mine
Des-Bee-Dove Mine
Deer Creek Mine
Cottonwood/Wilberg Mine
Chuck Semborski
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CW Mining Company
Bear Canyon Mine
Charles Owen, Mine Manager
Mine: 435-687-2450 |