Address FAQ

Why is Emery County assigning new addresses?
Top Reasons to Make an Addressing System:
  • Establishing a reliable and consistent system of assigning unique addresses to buildings and properties within the County
  • Improving response time by police, fire, ambulance, and other emergency services;
  • Providing a basis for the development of sub-systems which can automatically and quickly generate specific, reliable directions for drivers from any starting location to any destination within the County or the cities and towns therein;
  • Preventing and resolving duplications of addresses and route names, confusing or misleading addresses and multiple addresses for a single location;
  • Improving the delivery of public services such as building inspections, road repair and maintenance, soil evaluations, utility installation and repair, health inspections, property tax administration, property mapping, school busing and other public services;
  • Coordinating the mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in use by various public utilities, parcel delivery and governmental and quasi-governmental entities operating within the County and the Participant;
  • Establishing a clear, rational procedure for assigning new addresses and street names within both the incorporated and unincorporated areas of the County as the need shall arise.
How do I know if my address has changed?

You will receive a notification in the mail that specifies your new address and invites public input.  This is not an official change, but rather a notification of the proposed new address.  Please attend the public hearing to discuss the proposed addresses.  After the ordinance is agreed and signed by your city or town, you will receive a notification with your water bill.  This notification requires that you change your address within 30 days.  Failure to do so is a misdemeanor, prosecutable by law.

If my address changes, will I need to notify anyone?

Upon acceptance of the ordinance, Emery County will notify the following entities of your address change:

  • Emergency Services (911)
  • Emery Telcom
  • Utah Power & Light
  • Questar
  • All incorporated cities and towns participating in the system.

Notifications to any other relevant person or entity will be the responsibility of the citizen.

Will my mailing address be affected?

Most likely no.  If you use a Post Office Box, as most of the county does, your mailing address will remain the same.  Shipping address, however, will change, since shipping usually depends on physical addresses.