Sign Tips

Tips for Addressing Signs

  • Signs should be located near the entrance to the property.
  • They should be in open view, unobstructed by fences, trees or bushes, and visible to traffic from both directions on the route from which the property is entered.
  • They should be double-sided and posted at least 3 feet above the ground.
  • They should be legible during all lighting conditions.
  • The numbers should contrast with the background on which they are mounted, and made of reflective material similar to that used on highway markers. 
  • Number size should correspond to the location of the sign relative to the distance from the route as well as the speed limit on that route, such that they are readily legible by drivers with 20/40 vision traveling at normal speed on the that route.  See number sizing chart below to determine which size is appropriate.
Number Sizing Chart (Letter Height in Inches)
Speed LimitSetbacks0 to 30(In Feet)30 to 5050 to 7575 to 100100 to 200

It is also a good idea to include route names on the sign.