Appraisal Division

Having Your Property Appraised
To have your property appraised¬†contact the Assessor’s Office.¬†

Overview of the Division
The Appraisal division for Emery County consists at present of the Assessor.  Two appraisers who do residential, commercial, reappraisals. All of our appraisers are certified through the Utah State Tax Commission to appraise for ad valorem purposes.  The appraisers are also registered and certified through the State of Utah’s Department of Commerce.

Division Duties
It is the duty of their division to determine the present cash value (current market value) of each property in the County as of January 1st of each year.  The present cash value of the property is the amount a willing purchaser would pay a willing seller, exclusive of reasonable fees and costs of purchase, in cash or the immediate equivalent thereof in a transaction at arm’s length:
These approaches to value are based on:  
SALES in the market place INCOME generated or that could be generated by a property and what would be the COST to replace or construct a similar property. 
Other factors that may influence value:
The highest and best use to which the property can be expected to be put in the immediate future and the present use of the property, taking into consideration any applicable local or state land use regulation and considering any moratorium imposed by executive order, law, ordinance, regulation, resolution, or proclamation adapted by any governmental body or agency or the Governor when the moratorium prohibits or restricts the development of improvement of property as otherwise authorized by applicable law.

  • The location of said property.
  • The quality or size of said property.
  • The condition of said property.

The Appraisal Division provides a direct public service in the valuation of particular properties, comparable sales data, and provides help with any questions which property owners may have concerning the valuation of their property. The Real Property Division also consists of employees who’s duties are to provide Real Property Support for the Appraisers and the Public.