Business License

Business License Process
1. Complete and submit the business license application.

2. Enclose check or cash for the appropriate business license fee (credit card not accepted)  See Business License Fee Schedule (at the bottom of this page).

3. The Clerk/Auditor’s Office will forward the application to the Zoning Administrator’s Office for Zoning Approval.  Pending the determination that the business is in compliance with zoning codes, the Zoning Administrator’s Office will request it be added to the next County Commission Meeting Agenda and forward it back to the Clerk/Auditor’s Office.  If the business is not in compliance with zoning codes or requires a special permit, the Zoning Administrator’s Office will contact the applicant.

4. Pending approval by County Commission, the Clerk/Auditor’s office will mail a business certificate and receipt for the business license fee to the applicant.  If the license is denied, the fee will be returned and accompanied by a letter of explanation.

5. Business License renewal is due March 1, $25.00 fee.

License Fee Schedule 
Date of Application  Fee
Initial License Fee  $25.00
Yearly  $25.00