Tax Exempt Properties

Qualifying for Tax Exempt Property

If your property is used for religious, charitable, or educational purposes you may be able to claim tax exempt status.  To determine if your property is eligible, please view the following applications:

Application for Exemption

Schedule A – Real Property

Submit one application for each parcel for which exemption is claimed.

Schedule B – Personal Property

For personal property located on a real property that is listed on Schedule A or for personal property owned by an organization, but located on real property not owned by the organization.

Schedule C

Financial information related to use of property for which the exemption is claimed (complete only applicable portions).

Affidavit for Exemption

According to Utah Code Section 59-2-1101 (3) (a) an Affidavit certifying the use to which the property has been placed during the past year must be filed with the County Clerk/Auditor’s Office on or before March 1st of each year.