Online Tax Payment

Quick, One-Time Payment

Simply enter your Parcel Number and make a payment toward taxes due
The following service fees apply:

2.5% fee if Debit or Credit Card, minimum fee of $2.50
$.75 fee if Echeck
Quick, One-Time Tax Payment

Single and Recurring Payment

Here you create a new account or use an existing account with Instant Payments (requires your Login and Password)

Here you can view/print your current Tax Notice
Set up recurring payments or make a single payment
Monitor your account balance

The following service fees apply

2.5% fee if Debit or Credit Card, minimum fee of $2.50
$.75 fee if Echeck
Partial and Recurring Payments

Auto Prepay

Emery County Treasurer’s Auto PrePay program estimates your taxes for the upcoming year (based on your prior year’s tax) and splits it up into 10 payments that are automatically withdrawn from your bank account or credit/debit card. The first nine payments will be withdrawn each month February through October on the day of the month that you choose. After you receive your tax bill in November, the final payment will cover all remaining taxes and will be withdrawn around November 15th (taxes are due on November 30th). You will receive an email reminding you of each payment before they are withdrawn. Convenience fees apply.

You can discontinue the program at anytime by contacting Instant Payments (800) 764-0844,

The program will carry over to the next year automatically unless you notify Instant Payments

Auto PrePay